There is nothing better than receiving a perfect natural dew when baling.  However, perfect dew conditions are few and far between for many hay producers.  Often, the hay is either too dry or too wet, and if you’re lucky, you may have a small window of opportunity when the hay is just right.

Hay producers working in arid, dry climates are often faced with the decision to either bale dry hay, which will shatter the leaves, or continue to wait for natural dew, risking further loss of quality. Hay producers working in climates where it’s often too wet to bale at night or who receive good dew at night still experience large amounts of time during the day when the hay is too dry to bale. Being able to bale with steam when the hay is dry opens up the baling window and allows you to be so much more productive. 

DewPoint by Staheli West

The dewpoint generates steam using a low-pressure boiler system.

Higher Leaf Retention – baling with steam cuts leaf loss by 58% compared to baling with a good natural dew
Flake conformation on steamed hay is sbetter than hay baled with dew.
Baling with steam increases bale weight by 5-10% due to increased leaf

Dewpoint 331

Dewpoint 6210

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