Hardi Sprayers

For over 60 years, HARDI has committed itself to improve the efficiency and precision of sprayer plant protection. Now a world leader, HARDI acknowledges its function in food safety and security worldwide. HARDI Australia manufactures many of the sprayers right here in Australia, which means that HARDI can tailor world-class solutions to the unique scales, methods, and challenges of farming in Australia.

Growers Services Echuca offers the full HARDI sprayer range from the 1.5 litre Hand Sprayer to the 10,000 litre Commander trailed sprayer and everything in between.

We understand the importance of ensuring your sprayer is ready to be used whenever you need it. Growers Services bring a wealth of product and farming experience to make your next HARDI experience one to remember, whether that be purchasing a new or second hand sprayer, or being serviced by our trusted and well stocked parts and service department.

Precision Spraying

By mapping weeds using a drone or a manned aircraft, GeoSelect can be guided by just four lightweight GNSS locators on the boom.

Weeds are pinpointed and sprayed with centimetre accuracy.

Saving the grower time, chemicals and running costs.

Nozzle Control Technology

For booms larger than 36m Hi Select is the only effective rate management technology

HARDI H-SELECT ensures precise control over a wide speed range with Nozzle Droplet Control, Turn compensation and Precision Rate Control

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