Parts and Service

Toys & Kubota Branded Accessories

We sell a range of Kubota branded apparel,headwear, seat covers, cups, key rings and more branded accessories. The list is too long so call in to your local Growers Services branch or please give us a call us today.

Oils & Lubricants

The Kubota range of oils and lubricants provides long-lasting equipment protection from corrosion and rust, as well as dependability, durability, and service life.

The line is blended with high-performance additives to meet the demands of Kubota equipment. The following fluids are included in the range: coolant, gear oil, diesel engine oil, universal trans-hydraulic fluid, and lawn care oil.

We are also an official dealer for Mobil Lubricants, the world’s major synthetic motor oil brand. Whether you need fuels, automobile engine oils, heavy-duty diesel engine oils, or industrial lubricants, Mobil oil can be trusted to keep your equipment operating properly.

In addition, we carry a wide variety of other premium brands of lubricants and fluids.

Contact us today to order Kubota oils & lubes!

Genuine Oil Filters

Oil filters are used to clean the engine oil of harmful contaminants during routine and severe operations.

The contaminants are filtered out of the oil, so that it can continue to lubricate your equipment without compromising its performance.

Growers Services are an authorized dealer for all genuine Kubota, Caterpillar, Kohler spare parts. You can be sure that all factory warranty will apply on your Machinery when purchasing new components through us. Call us if you need advice about any part.

Growers Services carries a large range of replacement parts for all engine models. We also provide an efficient and friendly service that will

Features of Kubota engine oil filters include:

The mechanical filtration element is treated with steel caps welded to the filter media for structural reinforcement.

  • The filtering element, made of synthetic fibres, is efficient and durable.
  • The sealing gasket compound for severe service and high-temperature operation eliminates oil leaking from hardening.
  • There is a sight glass fitted on the top of the filter body for easy inspection without removing the filer from its installation.


Features of Caterpillar engine oil filters include:

  • Cat® Engine Oil Filters are calculated to increase engine and engine oil cleanliness, meet expected oil change durations, and provide the best machine capabilities and lubrication system protection. Cat filters and fluids are designed to work together as a system to optimize your Cat iron and reduce equipment downtime, resulting in greater profits for your business.

    Although it may seem as though non-genuine will-fit filters can deliver the same value and effectiveness as genuine Cat Filters,
  • the reality is that our highly-differentiated filters have been designed and manufactured specifically for your Cat equipment.
  • Why risk your expensive machinery with a non-genuine filter.


Hydraulic Filters

Kubota hydraulic filters are made to capture dangerous pollutants from hydraulic systems and preserve delicate valving and hydrostatic transmission components.

They are engineered to protect your machine from contaminants, so it can continue working with maximum efficiency.

Growers Services has genuine Hydraulic Filters for all Kubota, Caterpillar and Kohler models. You can be sure that all factory warranties will apply to your machinery when purchasing new components through us. Call us if you need advice about any part!


Features of Kubota hydraulic filters include:

  • To minimize pressure loss and assist HST operation and performance, a special oil inlet arrangement has been designed.
  • For a lot more information, check out the report written by our staff. The steel used in this case is 1/2″ thick and deep drawn, giving it tremendous burst strength and fatigue resistance.
  • Oil leakage is reduced due to hardening with this sealing gasket compound, which is used in severe service and high-temperature operations.
  • The easy-flow method is only for use with high-pressure water systems that have low restrictions.
  • The oil flow is adjusted to a proportionally correct level by the bypass pressure. This will give you an accurate and effective filter for your equipment or vehicle.


We sell and service century batteries. Century Batteries has an emerging market leader in the automotive, marine, heavy machinery, and deep cycle sectors by continually developing new products and maintaining a high level of innovation.

Growers Services Riverland is an authorized dealer for Century Batteries and we provide a large selection of new and second-hand spare parts in our showroom. You can find all your needs for a Kohler generator here at an unbeatable price! Our professionals will answer all your inquiries about replacement parts. If you need assistance, please give us a call us today at your closest branch.

Blades & Belts


Original Kubota genuine blades and belts are designed and produced to enhance mowing performance under heavy usage. Engineered to original factory standards, Kubota’s blades and belts will ensure that your equipment runs at maximum efficiency.

Growers Services is an authorized dealer for Kubota Equipment and provides genuine replacement parts and service. We deal with all your spare parts needs, including hydraulic filters, oil & lubricants, belts, blades & belts spares, batteries, hoses & fittings, engine parts, and much more!

Generator Spare Parts Keep your generator in good working condition through our supply of high-quality spare parts! If you need a new or second-hand generator part to assist you with your power supply needs at the job site or home call us today at your closest branch.

Genuine Parts and Accesories

Genuine Parts are designed and tested to meticulous factory specifications to guarantee that your machine continues to function efficiently throughout the years. Every unit is manufactured from high-quality, hard wearing material to meet the demanding conditions of the your machine.

Growers Services is a Kubota full-line dealership and we provide a large selection of Genuine spare parts in our showroom. You can find all your needs for Kubota Tractor here at an unbeatable price!

We are also a Caterpillar Authorised engine dealer providing all engine parts and new replacement engines.

Our professionals will answer all your inquiries about the best parts and product for your Equipment. If you need assistance…