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Kubota Genuine Parts

All genuine Kubota and Krone components are created and tested to rigorous factory specifications to guarantee that your Kubota machine continues to function correctly throughout the years.

We have a wide range of in-store consumables and off-the-shelf items, so you can get all of the genuine Kubota and other manufacturers’ spare parts!

Always purchase genuine spare parts for the best safety, functionality, efficiency, and warranty. You can order Kubota parts directly from our store, or you can ask by email or phone.

Growers Services provides exceptional customer service and top-notch support for all your service repair parts, including pins, bushings, clutches & brakes, filters, batteries, seat cushions, valves/suspension springs/front loader arms…etc. You can purchase these original replacement components either through our store or over the phone:

Use the Kubota Parts Catalogue to find the part for your Kubota

For the other brands we sell, we also stock genuine parts for Hardi Sprayers, Silvan and Croplands, Orchard-Rite, Weiss McNair, Faresin, and Nelson Hardie just to mention some of our suppliers. In fact, we sell genuine parts for every machinery product we sell.

You’re guaranteed to get genuine factory replacement parts that function just like the ones you had before when purchasing through us!

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Krone excellent Twine

in stock at our Ballarat, Swan Hill and Echuca branches

Krone Baler Twine

KRONE excellent MultiBale² and MultiBale Smart²
KRONE excellent MultiBale² and MultiBale Smart² twines
have been tried and proven in harvesting applications at
normal baling pressure.
The KRONE MultiBale twine minimizes wear on the knotter and the twine feeding system.
KRONE excellent HDP Smart²
KRONE excellent HDP Smart² is in the classification between the MultiBale², which is recommended for easy
use, and the very powerful HDP² and HDP Strong² twines
for very high bale densities. Compared to the MultiBale²,
the knot tightness is increased so that the HDP Smart²
can also be used under difficult harvesting conditions
and comparatively higher bale densities. HDP Smart²
was developed to meet the requirements of KRONE BiG
Pack standard machines

New and unique: KRONE 15 kg twine
„ Higher run length at constant knot tightness
„ Fewer twine changes – more bales per day
„ Gain in comfort and time
„ More savings, higher productivity
New in the KRONE twine program: KRONE is the only manufacturer to offer 15 kg spools
of twine in addition to the well-proven 11 kg spools of twine. This has a distinct advantage,
meaning fewer twine changes for the driver – more bales per day – and in addition absolute
time savings and increased comfort.
HDP Strong² 11 kg
The 11 kg spools of twine are suitable for the BiG
Pack series up to 2020 and for the new series (305
and 405).
HDP Strong² 15 kg
The new 15 kg spools of twine are exclusively
suitable only for BiG Packs of the new 305 and 405

„ This twine has been tailored to match the technical requirements of the KRONE BiG Pack optimally
baler and the system
„ Greatest knot strength, superior to regular twines of an average 220 kgf tear resistance
„ Great tear resistance. excellent Twine has plenty of strength in reserve to combat extreme situations
„ Optimum fibrilling ensures effective knotting

Twine for other balers

How to find your Model & Serial Number

Where to find your kubota Tractor Serial Nimber

B Series:
On right-hand side of the front axle

BX Series:
Above right-hand side of front wheel on frame rail

L Series:
On left-hand side of front axle or under the seat

Grand L Series:
On the left-hand side of the front axle or right-hand side of transmission case

M Series:
Generally located on left-hand side of the frame below the engine, below the factory tag

Where to Find Kubota Construction Serial Number

KX Series:
On the data tag located on the front of the upper structure

U Series:
On the data tag located on the front of the upper structure

R Series:
On the data tag located on the right side of the front frame

TLB Series:
On the data tag located on left side of the main frame

SVL Series:
Plate is located at the left front, outside of the cab, three inches below the door sill

Where to Find Kubota Mower Model Number

T Series:
Above and behind the left-hand front tire on thetractor frame

GR Series:
Gas models: Above and behind left-hand front tire on tractor frame

Diesel models:
Above right-hand front tire on tractor frame

Z Series:
On right-hand side forward of the rear tire andabove the mower deck

F Series:
On left-hand side above the rear left tire on tractor frame

Instructions on using parts lookup

Step #1

TYPE LESS for example Not “fan belt” Just type “belt”

Step #1

Step #2

Step #2

Step #3

Step #3

Step #4

TYPE LESS for example Not “fan belt” Just type “belt”

Step #4

Step #5

Step #5

Step #6

Once you have located the parts you want, download the text file and email your branch with the parts list attachment, your name and phone number.

Also Model number and serial number so Parts staff can check it.

Step #6