Weiss McNair

Nut Equipment Supplier Weiss McNair has a long history and continues to reinvent itself and enhance their products and services to satisfy their customers’ needs.

They are considered a national and global leader in the nut harvesting sector because they put customers first. Their mission is to develop a line of goods that meet and exceed industry requirements, with the equipment you purchase ready to address the varied and demanding demands of your orchard conditions.

Weiss McNair offers farmers the best in farming technology, from tried-and-true nut harvesting tools like the 2930 Sweeper and 9800 Harvester to cutting-edge technology like the 2850 Low Profile Sweeper and 7510 Self-Propelled Harvester. With an ongoing commitment to ensure that their clients worldwide get the finest equipment, service and support, you can put your trust in Weiss McNair.

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David Maiorana: 0428 364 652

Scott Hewett: 0407 377 291

Jake Smith: 0448 924 204

Frost Fans: 0448 924 204

Jesse Hilton: 0408 649 795

Travis McNiven: 0459 199 730

Joe Gallo: 0400 225 810


Will Turner: 0427 283 220

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