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The Kubota mid-sized L Series tractor range is well known for its power, versatility, and economy in all seasons. With an L Series tractor available in 32, 38 , 42, 46 & 57 hp, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands since it is well-known for its dependability and has years of hassle-free use thanks to the Australia-wide service support network. Performance-matched front loader, backhoe, and various add-on attachments are available.

The Kubota L-Series is an excellent option for a general-purpose, mid-sized tractor that is durable, comfortable, and high performing. The Kubota L Series is incredibly strong yet simple to drive. With numerous functionalities designed to enhance output, comfort, and durability, the Kubota L-Series has been meticulously built to last years of  dependable operation.


  • The Kubota L Series Tractor provides the power you need to get the job done right.

  • The tractors come with either a three-range hydrostatic transmission for a comfortable, easy shift between reverse and forward or a mechanical shuttle transmission that includes an inline shifting system for low and reverse ranges, allowing you to change directions faster. With eight forward and four reverse speeds (8F/4R), the transmission enables you to select a rate that will be more productive for your needs.

  • The sleek, slanted hood gives you a more comprehensive view. You’ll be able to see better in dark and stormy weather with the new multiple headlamps. Operators can fully open the one-piece front hood, so it’s easy to get to the engine for routine inspections and maintenance.

  • The model L5740HDCA tractor features Kubota’s Grand Cab, air conditioning, a spacious floor area, deluxe seating and dual-level climate control. 


  • The Cast Iron Pro features a spacious operator platform with a semi-flat design, making it easier to get on and off.The ergonomic design of the seat is intended to alleviate tiredness, even after long periods of operation.


  • 4-wheel drive models have an easy turn and integral power steering for a smooth ride.The Tyres that were designed for a specific task offer unmatched versatility. You can choose from agricultural, industrial, or turf tires.


  • The new LA524 and LA714 Front Loaders with curved boom designs are designed to improve lifting power and height and for long-lasting durability.A LA524 front loader is a versatile machine that can tackle even the most challenging jobs. Its powerful lifting abilities and exceptional durability allow it to handle anything you throw. Kubota’s attaching/detaching system also will enable you to move quickly from job to job, saving you time and money.Kubota LA714 front loader improves lifting power and height and offers exceptional durability.With a single-lever joystick, the operation is more straightforward. The regenerative dump circuit allows for fast bucket emptying, and the series circuit enables simultaneous boom and bucket activity. When the loader is removed, the valve stays with the tractor to be utilised on other equipment.This function allows the operator to raise or lower the loader boom while maintaining the bucket level to the ground. When transporting dirt or sand, this will help prevent spills by keeping the bucket level with the ground.


The new BH77 and BH92 Backhoes are performance matched with the L3200, L3800 and L4600 to deliver more power and greater capacity.

A BH77 backhoe is a versatile machine that provides more power and capacity than its competitors. The full-flat deck design allows maximum operator comfort by giving plenty of legroom.

The new curved boom provides more space for digging, making the operation simpler and improving visibility.

The hoses are hidden in the backhoe arm for extra security and a sleek look.

BH92’s quick attach/ detach mounting system makes attaching and detaching the Backhoe a snap so you can quickly move on to your next job. Hydraulically actuated stabilisers for enhanced stability.

Optional with the BH92 Backhoe plus various bucket options and hydraulic thumb available.